KALW Bay Poets

KALW Public Radio features my poem, Dust, today at 7:19am and 3:48pm, and on Saturday Feb 4, 2023, at 6:04am. Also streamed are Saunder Choi’s More Waters Rising (intro music) and Zosimo Quibilan’s Pahinga (closing). 

The Bay Poets segment is produced and hosted by veteran local poet Josiah Luis Alderete, who is also the co-owner of Medicine For Nightmares book shop and event space in San Francisco's Mission District. 


Sometimes, we’re like monsoon winds, 
shifting east of where home is. 
Sometimes, we’re like tea leaves, 
heavenly and unfurling in agony. 
This is how we shape the earth. 
Dust up the Springs and Autumns. 
See where it rained. 
Which map bore our shade, 
and which palace 
to place above us, 
where our majesty raised a dust. 

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