State of poetry in the county

April is National Poetry Month. To raise awareness of the many roles poetry plays in our daily life, I’ve launched a campaign in January petitioning our county and cities here to issue an official proclamation in support of National Poetry Month. As of this writing, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, and the mayors of Belmont, Brisbane, Burlingame, Daly City, [East Palo Alto],Half Moon Bay, Menlo Park, Pacifica, Redwood City, San Mateo and San Bruno as well as the Midcoast Community Council, have all agreed to issue a proclamation. Also in April, I am launching the web archive, “Speak Poetry in San Mateo County,” as part of my community project. Themed around belonging, the archive features more than 100 poets in San Mateo County, most of whom have been doing the heavy lifting for decades, bridging the gap between communities, and shaping our world into something that is more equitable and sustainable.

My first article for The San Mateo Daily Journal.

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