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“San Mateo County’s poet laureate Aileen Cassinetto said Daly City’s youth program “amplifies the role of youth in the community and the power of the literary arts in inspiring civic engagement.”

“I see the Youth Poet Laureate as the city’s literary ambassador, creating necessary spaces so that the voices of other young people can be heard,” Cassinetto said in a statement. “I see this role as giving shape to our young people’s hopes, fears, perspectives, sense of purpose, and sense of community.”

Cassinetto is one of the newest members of the board of the Daly City Public Library Associates (DCPLA), a “Friends of the Library” group that supports the library with fundraising.”


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This image is part of Taiji Terasaki’s “COVID Heroesphotographic weavings series, an extension of the artist’s existing collaboration with the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles and the exhibition, “TRANSCENDIENTS: Heroes at Borders.


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“Waterfalls of wisteria for your #MuseumMomentofZen today! San Mateo County Poet Laureate Aileen Cassinetto has (curated) a community poem in honor of healthcare workers and other frontliners…” Filoli (April 2020)
filoli shoutout

“Very special thanks to Aileen Cassinetto, the Poet Laureate of San Mateo County, for visiting with our first grade students yesterday!” Woodland School (April 2020)
woodland school

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“Aileen Cassinetto, the poet laureate of San Mateo County, curated a community poem to honor those on the front lines…” SF Chronicle (April 2020)

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