3/15-4/15/22: Filoli

March 15-April 15, 2022

Annual Filoli Haiku Contest

Entries should be submitted by midnight PST on Friday, April 15. Finalists will be announced on the website on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22.

You may submit up to three original poems. Poems should be in the general haiku format of three short lines of 5-7-5 syllables or free-form haiku. We encourage submissions in languages other than English, as long as they fit the haiku structure and you also provide us with an English translation. They must be inspired by nature; in this case Filoli’s spring Garden.

This year, we’re also launching the Filoli Ecopoetry Award, for a haiku that engages with the connection between humans and the environment. We’re looking for work that is eco-conscious and critical, celebrating the beauty of nature while touching on the impact of issues like climate change or drought. Our upcoming summer exhibit centers around water, so we invite meditations on its importance to our lives and gardens!

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